2012 Presidential Campaign

Obama’s ‘Soulless’ Reponses to Benghazi and Fort Hood

©2012 Susan Stamper Brown

During times of crisis Americans rightfully expect their president to be many things including an Empathizer-in-Chief. Continue reading

To Tell the Truth

Watching the recent Obama/Romney debate brought to mind a YouTube video I saw of an old TV game show called “To Tell the Truth” where the emcee began by welcoming the audience “to our game of deliberate misrepresentation….” Continue reading

7.8 Percent Unemployment Is Nothing to Brag About

©2012 Susan Stamper Brown.

If the federal government was meant to create jobs, it would have created a surplus of them by now, and unemployment would be far below 7.8 percent — considering the exorbitant amount of money the Obama administration has, as it says, “invested” to do so. Continue reading

Time For Blacks To Leave the Democratic Party

Copyright 2012 Susan Stamper Brown

Speaking at the National Press Club in late September, black pastor Bishop E. W. Jackson unapologetically said it was time for black Americans to take a stand for what is right and called for a mass exodus from the Democrat Party due to the “irreconcilable conflict” between what the Democrat Party represents and their faith in God. Continue reading

Makers, Takers and the ’47 Percent’

Copyright 2012 Susan Stamper Brown

Firing a tile craftsman last week helped me to make sense of the undeniable divide between America’s “makers” and “takers” described in Mitt Romney’s sloppy “47” percent misstatement. Continue reading

Ground Zero Changes No One Should Believe In


©2012 Susan Stamper Brown.

Life is messy and full of unexpected twists along the way leaving even the most obsessive control freaks among us feeling a bit undone, considering so much of the change introduced into our lives is rarely invited and not always good. Continue reading