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Mud-slinging: The Left’s One-Trick Pony


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Liberals have taken Chicago politics to a whole new level this campaign cycle with baseless accusations suggesting their opponents are unsympathetic, money-grubbing extremists who will feed your grandmother cat food and steal her Medicare benefits and Social Security check before they push her backwards off a cliff without a blindfold.  Continue reading

Budget Debate Straight Talk and the Truth About Medicare

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If indeed the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, President Obama and his cohorts in the Democratic Party must be feeling the heat on their backsides on the eve of the Cut, Cap and Balance (CCB) vote. Continue reading

President Robin Hood Declares Class Warfare

Today, President Robin Hood declared war against the high wage earners in America – when he announced that he plans to steal money from 3 million taxpayers  (the top 2 percent wage earners) –  so that he could fund his overspending habit.

During his speech at George Washington University, Obama said Americans should “share responsibility,” but later clarified his true intentions when he explained that the top wage earners will carry the load for everyone else.

This is not shared responsibility.  It is robbery.  Stealing.   European-style socialism.  We’ve all watched as riots have broken out across the EU because governments can no longer fund their entitlement programs.  And the same will happen here. 

Sooner or later, the money will run out when the government milks the successful dry. 

Unlike the Republican/Ryan 2012 Budget Proposal, Obama did not present a plan to reduce the deficit.  He instead offered broad rhetoric to fund more spending – mentioning a mere $750 billion in domestic cuts – but minimal specifics.  Most alarming was the $400 billion in defense cuts – a curious request considering America is involved in war on three fronts.

Demanding that the top 2 percent foot the bill for the other 300 million Americans is not shared responsibility; it is class warfare and a prescription for failure.

So, you want to discuss Medicare?

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If we really care about our children’s future, now is the time for Americans on both sides of the aisle to cast aside their political aspirations long enough to carry on an adult conversation about debt reduction and spending cuts. Continue reading