Conservative Female Columnist Susan Stamper Brown

Meddling in Africa

The response to president Obama’s October 14, 2011 announcement that U.S. military boots were on the ground in Africa to assist in another “overseas contingency” “non-war” operation in Africa is another example of the left’s ever-evolving definition of war based upon which political party is in control. Continue reading

Never Forget September 11, 2001

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Recently, I was reminded of the value of the freedom while attending a military retirement ceremony in Washington D.C. Driving down the hill after the ceremony, my soul was stirred as my eyes caught a glimpse of the late-summer sun reflecting across the sea of white-washed stones at the adjacent Arlington National Cemetery — and wondered what it is that defines a person who is willing to give his or her life in exchange for freedom. Continue reading

Labor Day 2011 : Obama’s Job-Killing Policies

Three years-in, the Obama administration’s attempts to fix unemployment have been about as effective as trying to scratch your ear with your elbow. Continue reading

Obama and Democrats are in Denial

Copyright 2011  Susan Stamper Brown

It has been said bad news does not get better over time. Continue reading

America’s Judeo-Christian roots are Bigger Than Texas

The hysterical reaction to Republican presidential hopeful Governor Rick Perry’s faith is about as overblown as his home state of Texas is big.  Perry is facing a federal lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) – purportedly because Perry prayed publicly for our nation. Continue reading

Word ‘Illegal’ Near Extinction in Obama Administration

This morning, I double-checked to be sure the word “illegal” was still a word in the dictionary. As of this morning, it still means “criminal, felonious, illegitimate, illicit, lawless, unlawful, and wrongful.” However, it is quite obvious, that the longer Progressive Democrats have carte’ blanche to do what they want, the closer the word “illegal” gets to becoming extinct. Continue reading