2012 Presidential Campaign

No More ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ Foreign Policy

©2012 Susan Stamper Brown

As truth’s brilliant light breaks through the fogginess of mistruth as to the reason behind the violent anti-American sentiment currently burning its way across the globe, one thing is for sure: An internet YouTube video is not the culprit, and those who say it is are either seriously misinformed, trying to deflect blame, delusional, lying – or a little of each. Continue reading

Ground Zero Changes No One Should Believe In


©2012 Susan Stamper Brown.

Life is messy and full of unexpected twists along the way leaving even the most obsessive control freaks among us feeling a bit undone, considering so much of the change introduced into our lives is rarely invited and not always good. Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Coolest Prez of All?



©2012 Susan Stamper Brown 

Barack Obama is probably one of the coolest presidents in American history. He reaches rock star status when cameras catch him sporting his Ray-Ban 3217’s which are, for all you squares out there, designer sunglasses. Continue reading

Obama Must Waive Renewable Fuels Standard Now

©2012 Susan Stamper Brown.

President Obama needs to give EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson an ultimatum: Waive the requirement in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) established in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandating ethanol blending in motor fuels now, or hit the road Jack—son. Continue reading

Mud-slinging: The Left’s One-Trick Pony


©2012 Susan Stamper Brown

Liberals have taken Chicago politics to a whole new level this campaign cycle with baseless accusations suggesting their opponents are unsympathetic, money-grubbing extremists who will feed your grandmother cat food and steal her Medicare benefits and Social Security check before they push her backwards off a cliff without a blindfold.  Continue reading

The Democratic Party’s Declaration of Dependence

©2012 Susan Stamper Brown

The belief that no one owes me anything is one of the greatest gifts my hardworking, blue-collar father gave me when I was young.  His words carried me through some difficult times growing up, sustained me through widowhood, years back, and helped to shape me into the person I am today. Continue reading