Thank you for checking to see what I’m about. 

I’m pretty simple, considering I’m a female.   I’m a nationally syndicated opinion page columnist (Cagle Cartoons Newspaper Syndicate) and blogger who has the privilege of showing up in papers, journals and websites around the country and sometimes around the world on a daily basis.

I volunteer as a grief counselor and  a motivational speaker — because I understand what it feels like to be a widow-survivor.

I’m happily re-married  to my hero and best friend.  I love God and America, animals and anything outdoors. d

I’m NOT in any way related to syndicated columnist Floyd Brown/Floyd Reports.

I love my job.  Only in America can you get paid to do what you love – if you are willing to work long and hard.   I liked working in the law field (for many years), but how nice it is to “clock in” wearing my shorts and a sweatshirt.  

If I had to choose between:

Red or Blue: Blue

Steak or veggie burger: Steak

Fly-fishing or shopping: Fly-fishing

Prada or New Balance: New Balance

REI or JC Penney: REI

Yoga or Running: Running

Off-roading in my SUV or a Sunday drive: Off-roading

Shooting a gun or a camera: Gun

Gardening or Cleaning: Gardening


I love dogs and action movies.  You’ll most likely see me outside running and least likely see me at the mall.  My shoe size is 6 and I’m most comfortable in hiking or casual clothes. Although I’d like to improve a thing or two, I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin.