There Once Was a Place Called America



©2013 Susan Stamper Brown

“There once was a place called America,” our children’s children will one day write, “a bright and shining city on a hill, divinely placed by God to serve as a beacon of hope to the entire world. A land filled with generous-hearted souls who showered the needy the world over with their abundant blessings.”

You see, America was founded by a handful of God-fearing patriots who didn’t always agree but believed certain things like life, liberty and the personal pursuit of happiness were worth dying for. And to ensure their ideas would survive the ages, they crafted one of the most revered documents ever put to paper, the United States Constitution.

 It wasn’t long before this exceptional nation became the envy of those who thirsted for freedom and the enemy of those who despised it. Some loathed America to the point of making threats while others declared war. But a certain few understood defeat was increasingly less likely and instead devised a plan to take down America from within, one small step at a time.

The leader of the former Soviet Union Communist Party, Nikita Khrushchev promised his beloved Communism would bury the capitalistic West without declaring war. The plan was outlined in a fascinating book called “The Naked Communist,” written in 1958 by a man named Cleon Skousen who accurately warned Americans of troubles to come unless things changed.

Skousen laid out the dangers Americans faced, point by point, almost as a Communist roadmap to America’s demise: Progressives captured the Democratic Party (goal number 15), civil rights actions were taken in courts  to “weaken basic American institutions”(16), the educational system was infiltrated (17), rioting like the Occupy movement was encouraged (19), the press was infiltrated (20), domination of the big screen and television waves (21), cultural standards of morality were broken down (25), homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity  were presented as “normal” (26), churches were infiltrated by those promoting social justice (27), prayer in schools was eliminated (28). Moreover, the Constitution and founding fathers were discredited (29 & 30) and American culture belittled by those promoting “cultural sensitivity training” seminars similar to one recently uncovered by a video  showing employees pounding on tables while chanting anti-American rants” led by a man representing the organization, Souder, Betances, and Associate, reaping more than than $3.3 million taxpayer funds, according to

Skousen may have been a prophet, seeing that most of his predictions came to pass. Too clever to be labeled Communists, they chose the name “Progressive” and in the name of change set out to dismantle the Constitution, piece by piece. Progress was slow but steady, that is until their savior, Barack Obama, arrived.

And no one was outraged because the Communist mission was complete. As former KGB agent, Yuri Besmenov so eloquently described, without war or bloodshed, America and her people were demoralized, no longer having the reasoning ability to distinguish right from wrong, or to comprehend the immensity of the treasure they’d buried just outside the gates of Hell.




11 Responses to There Once Was a Place Called America

  • Anyone who doubts that Obama and his progressives are the current incarnation of the soviet communist ideal need look no further than the Manifesto ( The ten point program is effectively implemented. And yes, Americans are too stupid to know what they’ve done. Ask John Kerry (

  • I sure enjoyed this article. It was posted in the Mount Airy Newspapers. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl so I didn’t see the commercial. Thanks.

  • Susan,

    Excellent post! It’s a long. slow march but Progressives are winning in America because so many are to ignorant to see that history is repeating itself.

  • Right on the money.

  • As a race mixing, porn watching, tree hugging, gay marrying, assault rifle restricting, marijuana legalizing, left leaning agnostic I usually would be offended by a piece such as this but gosh the author is so pretty that it takes the fire right out of me.


  • Just read this article in my local newspaper. Ridiculous drivel. Full of fear mongering and bad history. You get paid money to write this? Yikes.

  • Susan, excellent column in Sunday’s News Journal! If only free thinking Americans would come to their senses and see the “forest for the “sleazes” lurking there!” I have done my due diligence on this puppet president and have been writing public letters, posting on facebook and making my voice heard for the past five years attempting to shed light on this phantom person who thinks he is “King of America!” How we will survive another four years remains to be seen! Brave voices, as your’s, must not be silenced! My motto is, “Stand for nothing, soon you will be kneeling!” I salute you and pray you have the fortitude to blaze the trail of truth to enlighten the fools with their heads in the muck with this lame duck!

    • Thanks so much, Karen!

    • Wasn’t it Will Rogers who said, “There ain’t a dime’s difference between a Democrat and a Republican”?

      When are y’all gonna wake up to that fact, along with the fact that the majority of Congress and government “officials” are owned by the banksters?

      It’s time to lose the bogus party affiliations and become AMERICANS who demand that their congresscritters abide by the fundamental law of the United States; who demand that Barack Barry Soetoro Obama cease governing by presidential decree via Executive Order; who possess the intestinal fortitude to call for the removal — by impeachment of any office holder who would transgress our constitution.

  • I wonder what history will have to say about …”The Place They Called America” only God knows !!!!