So, Who Really Does Care?


Copyright 2013 Susan Stamper Brown

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, there’s no shortage of well-meaning people who want the world to be a better place. But, without the willingness to roll up your sleeves and be part of the solution, you run the risk of making the situation worse.

Obamacare is a good example. Its European-styled socialized healthcare system will fail the American people just like Britain’s National Healthcare System (NHS) has failed many of its citizens. When we allow the government in the name of compassion do for us what we should do for ourselves, individuals become numbers, treatments become quotas, and lack of funding sparks rationing.

I learned a similar, albeit much smaller lesson, recently while adopting a sweet little dog from a rescue organization, which I soon found, has more compassion than capability. As is typical with many online advertisements, the dog shown on their website was nothing like the sickly, tartar-mouthed, urine-drenched dog I picked up. As I write, my pup rests in my lap, just happy to have a home. Her first 24-hours included several baths, a vet visit, administering meds, and lots and lots of hugs in between. Although I’ve had to give up time and money, there is peace in my heart that only comes from personal sacrifice.

Arguably, liberals are far more well-known for their love of animals, but that same affection doesn’t extend to those of us walking on two legs. Most liberals actually believe the ill-equipped and incapable federal government is better suited to meet our needs. In Britain, however, some patients are in worse shape than my dog.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, a 2010 report found many “NHS patients were left unattended ‘for unacceptable amounts of time’ in urine-and feces-soaked beds.” The NHS system is in a death spiral. Costs are on the rise and funds that should be used for improving healthcare are reserved for negligence claims, which rose more than 30 percent from 2010 to 2011, according to the UK Telegraph. And there’s no reason to believe Obamacare will be any better.

It’s easy to say you care when you see a need, but caring is only half the answer. There must be individual action tied to a bleeding heart. The question is: Do you care enough to do something about it yourself?

Awhile back, Author Arthur Brooks wrote an unbiased book titled, “Who Really Cares,” based on sound research finding conservatives to be 30 percent more generous than liberals and a Google study a few years ago found conservatives were twice as charitable as liberals. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule, so if we searched long enough, we’d find a few tightwad conservatives and a charitable liberal or two.

To be fair, liberals do give liberally, especially with other people’s time and money. Otherwise, the closest many would come to a homeless or hungry person is if they accidentally hit one with their government-subsidized Chevy Volt while texting on their federally funded Obamaphone.

Statistics prove liberal programs like the war on poverty do much to line the pockets of bureaucratic administrators, but do little to help those most in need. Don’t believe me? Then take a walk around the White House after dark to watch the dumpster diving taking place near the First Family’s organic garden. A few years back, in D.C., my husband and I bought books of McDonald’s gift certificates and spent Christmas Eve walking in the vicinity of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue passing them out to homeless people. We figured we could get away with giving out greasy hamburger gift certificates to the Obama’s next-door neighbors while they were off eating healthy stuff on Hawaiian holiday.

As much as this is going to upset liberals, the only solution to poverty, homelessness and all other social ills affecting this country is charity motivated by courage and conviction, not penalty of law. We each have a responsibility to put feet to Jesus’ words about caring for the least among us.

4 Responses to So, Who Really Does Care?

  • I am writing in response to your article on February 25th, in the Summit Daily News, Colorado.

    I thought you it was appropriate to give you some facts regarding health care in Great Britain (notice that you missed out the Great) from a native of that country who now resides in the US.

    My elder daughter had a skiing accident in 1991, aged 7, whilst we were skiing in France. She was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital where it was found that she had a broken tibia and humerus, the latter being so badly broken she needed surgery to pin it. She spent one week in that hospital. As we had driven there from the UK and she was not allowed to travel back in the car, she was flown back home, accompanied by a private nurse who had been flown out there to assist her. Our cost for the above – a $40 travel insurance policy bought in the UK.

    My younger daughter had congenital heart disease which was diagnosed during an extensive examination by a pediatrician on the day of her birth. (I had to have a caesarean section which was free for me). She spent the first two weeks of her life in intensive care. She was then allowed home with weekly checkups until she was 4 years old and considered mature enough to go through the open heart surgery she needed to reapir the pulmonary stenosis. She had one of the top surgeons in the UK, at the best cardio hospital in the country. Our cost for all of the above? Not a penny. I am quite sure that if my daughter had been born in this country that we would have been bankrupt by now.

    My father-in-law who had severe dementia lived the last five years of his life in a mental hospital. The family’s cost for this? Nothing.

    My 73 year old mother came to visit me in Breckenridge for the first time three years ago and unfortunately slipped on ice. She was in great pain and when I contacted a local MD I was told that it was $1000 just to get her to the hospital for an examination. She chose not to go because she was afraid she hadnt bought enough insurance. Her flight was due two days after that and so she immediately went to see her local doctor. She had broken her hip and wrist and was given an immediate hip replacement and her wrist put in cast. Her cost for the above? Nothing.

    How many more examples do you need? All of the examples I have given you were paid by the national insurance contributions we all paid into all of our working lives and so we were fully entitled to treatment. What a contrast to the treatment in this country. Here it is all about being able to afford a hefty insurance policy that equals your mortgage payment! Lets not even mention the millions of uninsured here, hey. They must be an embarrassment to any American.

    One last thought. If you have a non-emergency treatment needed in the UK and may have to go on a waiting list you then have the choice to use a private health care provider and short circuit the system. Your choice!

    To say that I was appalled by your article is an understatement. How dare you criticize a country’s health system when you have never lived there and are as ignorant as you are.

    It is very easy to be as charitable as you make out if you are one of the top 1% in this country. Try living on the minimum wage and keep giving hand outs!

    Gail Westwood

    • Thanks, Gail. Obviously your experiences took place before the “honeymoon” was over in Europe, and before they started running out of other people’s money to spend on freebies. Now, the system is broken and many are treated with less dignity than my rescue dog.

      • I have yet to hear one complaint from any friends or member of my family still living in the UK against the NHS. Only two days ago my brother was involved in a road traffic accident. He was immediately taken by ambulance to hospital where his fractured patella was immediately operated on and treated to every comfort and attention possible. His cost for this – nothing. He has paid his insurance contributions.
        Just an FYI my husband and I are both employed full time, self employed. We cannot afford anything more than catastrophic health insurance. Explain to me why health insurance in this country is so unaffordable? Why are so many millions uninsured?