Will 2013 Be the Year We Slow the Moral Decline?

Credits: media-studies.ca

Credits: media-studies.ca

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With dark shadows of uncertainty descending upon the hearts of so many at the conclusion of 2012, one can only hope 2013 will be a year of promise. But even in these dark days, miracles do still happen, especially when people are willing to roll up their sleeves for the cause of freedom.This present darkness has its roots in our nation’s moral decline, and the further we get from our moral center, the worse off we are as a people — and a nation. It has taken some time to get where we are today. Over the years, Conservatives have allowed Progressives to hijack the conversation about our founding principles. Liberals have replaced morality with moral relativism in an attempt to justify their own moral ineptitude. For example, a group recently sanitized the King James Bible from any reference to homosexuality, replacing it with their own politically correct version they titled the “New Queen James Bible.”

Moreover, we’ve allowed liberals to distort our founders’ intentions concerning the separation of church and state. Consequently, prayer and most other references to God have been banned from the public square; yet they see no plausible correlation to those actions and recent mass shootings.

Mum’s the word when it comes to God, but the roof is raised by right to choose discussions — just as long as the conversation stays within the confines of the human life women should be allowed to extract from their bodies. But choice flies out the window when the discussion changes to things the rest of us put in our bodies — like soda, fats, salt, and caffeine. They’re all about women’s rights — until you mention Islamic extremism or third-world barbarism in places like Darfur. And to them, capitalism is reprehensible, but taking hard-earned money from a capitalist is okay.

Progressives’ ideological inconsistencies will be their downfall and their ideology will most certainly crumble beneath the weight of truth just as the Iron Curtain did in 1989.

What is wrong in America today is what went terribly wrong in Russia many years ago when the Soviet Union tried the Marxist way to go it on its own without God. While many cast the blame for their problems on poor economic and political choices, Russian writer and Nobel Prize recipient Alex Solzhenitsyn blamed it on the fact “men had forgotten God.” He was right, and the world discovered how wrong Marx was when men (and women) who refused to forget God played a monumental role in crushing Communism in Eastern European countries.

The story is told in Philip Yancey’s book, “Finding God in Unexpected Places,” in East Germany every demonstration began with worship. (I’m not getting all spiritual on you here; I’m simply restating history.) Small groups would throw prayer meetings filled with political dissidents, concerned citizens, and some of those reprehensible Christians. After a period of prayer, pastors spoke while holding newspapers in one hand and Bibles in the other. Afterward participants went outside to walk peacefully through dark streets holding banners and candles.

In October 1989, as East Berlin was celebrating the 44th year of its communist regime, police were instructed to shoot demonstrators in Leipzig, where crowds had grown to nearly 500,000, but thankfully never did. On November 9, the crowd had doubled to one million when the unimaginable happened; a gap in the Berlin Wall opened. Without incident, candle-carrying East Germans peacefully filed through and over the wall, effectively bringing down the East German government in the process.

By years’ end, multiple Eastern Bloc countries joined East Germany’s fate, and by the end of 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved. Hope sprung eternal and the world experienced a long-anticipated fresh breath of freedom because people put their faith and longing for freedom into action thus allowing the world to witness a miracle.

One Response to Will 2013 Be the Year We Slow the Moral Decline?

  • 50 million Americans on SS and Medicare, 50 million on SSI, Medicaid, and welfare, and another 50 million government workers all getting their money from the government which taxes it away from 75 million private sector workers and their corporations. Slavery sanctioned by everyone including the slaves who are apathetic and refuse to do anything about their situation. They could simply, peacefully, stop paying their bills until every Democrat was put in prison for racketeering. Force their employers to stop taking taxes out of their paychecks. In mass, of course, 10 million workers in a coordinated strike. But, they don’t organize. The left is organized to strip away everything they own, their paychecks, their wives, their homes, their jobs, yet, working people won’t organize to stop the plunder. It’s almost like everyone is waiting for some event like a Nuclear War, or a Zombieland collapse of the economy to set things straight. I had to work long and hard in my life to realize that not everyone is as logical as I. Most people operate with ego-mechanisms; they don’t think or reason things out. Maybe they’re right to embrace tragedies and get emotional payoffs. They want exciting consequences even if they’re bad and won’t do what is necessary to avoid a Great Depression full of violence and crime. The Gods want a creative solution to the overpopulation problem… the passion play. The mass extinction is only 30 years away… google: red tides, ocean dead zones and mass fish kills to monitor how much time you (would) have left to live. The ruling class might simply agree to a nuclear war… they might have already agreed and are just waiting for Iran or North Korea to start the ball rolling so that the ruling class can point fingers. Communism is just another name for bumism… an organized rip-off of working people. The ruling class doesn’t want religious people worshipping God, the ruling class wants to be worshipped, the great providers of food, education, healthcare, housing, jobs, etc…. tax the breadwinner into bankruptcy so he can’t support a woman or family. During peaceful times, people get fat and stupid…. so expect War, prepare for War, revel in War… without War throughout the ages, we’d all be extinct… our planet can only support X amount of people for Y amount of time and we’re already at 2X, the oceans are dying. God has a creative solution to the planetary cancer, and everyone is connected to God whether they believe in the Creative Almighty or not. Zombieland, or Nuclear War, or both…. how entertaining that will be. Everyone is buying ammo by the lot, including the Feds who just purchased another two million rounds. I can’t wait for the fun to start. Well, not really, because, I can think. I don’t want to experience Zombieland, but I’m unusual. I’m eccentric. I know that now.