Union Vultures on the Prowl


©2012 Susan Stamper Brown.

So what do you get when you cross a community organizer-turned-president with union thugs? No one is really sure — yet, but one thing is for sure, Congressional Democrats have every reason to be afraid. President Obama’s BFFs have them in their sights and promise to strong-arm them into submission should they dare compromise on the fiscal cliff. On MSNBC just before Thanksgiving, United Steelworkers Union boss Leo Gerard said any Democrats compromising with Republicans will suffer the same fate as former senator Blanche Lincoln, D-AR, the last of a dying breed of moderate Democrats.

Gerard said those who compromise are not “real Democrat[s],” proof that extremists have taken over the Democrat Party. It should come as no surprise to anyone that some of the most frequent White House guests are union bosses. Granted, there was a time when union bosses were considered the “good guys” looking out for the working class, but somewhere along the way they’ve become the epitome of the very things they once fought against.

Even still, President Obama continues to consult with labor leadership regarding job creation and economic issues as he recently did November 13. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka walked away saying he was pleased with the outcome, and now we hear labor unions are investing big union dollars to promote President Obama’s tax the rich propaganda. And, in return? According to the Washington Examiner, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is working on a special rule forcing non-union employers to disclose to union organizers the private contact information of workers in order to facilitate union expansion. So much for a worker’s right to privacy. While we’re at it, why don’t we rename the country “Cuba-West?”

According to Front Page Magazine, Gerard has threatened to “hit the streets, kick some a–, and mobilize” to encourage Obama to move forward in creating big spending plans. Obviously, Gerard’s animosity toward free market capitalism fuels his gansta’-like comments. According to the magazine, Gerard perceives capitalism as economic “inequality” that “leads to instability and violence.”

Sure wish the Baker’s union had considered the whole economic inequality thing when representing the 18,000 Hostess Brands workers who lost their jobs just before Christmas in part because the union demanded that cake and bread be transported in separate trucks. What does it matter as long as they can turn a profit? The idea that in this country it is somehow acceptable to destroy a company and its workers’ livelihoods in order to prove your point suggests it might be time for organized labor to go by way of the dinosaur.

It should not shock anyone labor union participation has dwindled to nearly single digits, nor is it a surprise that union vultures continue to target Wal-Mart in hopes of increasing those dwindling numbers. If only this was about bailing workers out of austere conditions. Not even close. Truth be told, a unionized Wal-Mart is a bail-out for unions whose pensions for the rank-and-file are currently unfunded by up to 55 percent. It’s a different story for union bosses, most of which boast six figure salaries, fully funded pension plans and perks fit for a king and always find a way to squeeze out money for Democrats.

Wal-Mart workers are much smarter than liberals would make them out to be. Just 50 or so employees bit on Big Labor’s Black Friday bait encouraging workers to join them on the picket lines. Despite the chaos, Wal-Mart fared well. According to Fox Business, on Black Friday they sold “more than 1.8 million towels, 1.3 million televisions, 1.3 million dolls, and 250,000 bicycles” and Wal-Mart shares “ticked up 0.15% to $68.99.” Obviously, the union vultures failed on Black Friday, but they’ll be back.

But I have a better idea. Since union bosses seem to be so concerned about everyone paying their “fair share,” why don’t they put their money where their mouth is and lobby Congress to eliminate unions’ tax exempt status and create a union tax?


5 Responses to Union Vultures on the Prowl

  • You obviously know very little about Unions. But hey, this blog probably keeps a lot of people scared. And since you are so afraid of those Unions who have fought and died for the rights that you probably currently benefit from, I would ask that you give those rights back.

    How about you look at the history of our nation and see when the middle class was the most robust? And I really dont think WalMart employees would feel as though you are a champion for them when they are making minimum wages, sparse if any benefits, and have no retirement…. but are encouraged by WalMart leadership to apply for as much government assistance as possible. Thanks for waving the flag of the race to the bottom.

    • As I wrote, unions served a great purpose–many years ago. In 2012? Not so much.

    • Looks like I cannot copy any text from this site so here goes my typing;

      Me wrote: And I really don’t think Walmart …

      I do not think “Me” understands capitalism. Though in Cuba, China, and Russia, you can get a job as a janitor and perform that job for 50 years and retire with a government pension (because the government owns everything), capitalism is designed to give everyone a fair chance to advance their careers. A minimum wage job is not supposed to be comfortable. Its a job for inexperienced young workers entering the labor force to earn some money and gain experience and to move forward with a chose career. Some waitresses pay for college to get a degree and move up the ladder. I feel bad if you chose to be a WalMart checkout girl for life. That was your choice. Time served doesn’t equate to more money and better benefits.

  • Susan,
    Great job exposing the viles and ills of this thuggish ilk.

    At least someone actually understands capitalism for what it truly is – the greatest liberator of mankind besides Jesus Christ – and is willing and able to make a stand for it.

    Obama and Trumpka are showing themselves for what they are: facilitators of a fascist-communist police state mimicking those which have repeatedly failed throughout history when the people wise up and throw off those who enslave them.

    Keep up the great work.

    Oh, and the answer to your first opening question is: Adolf Hitler.