The Democratic Party’s Declaration of Dependence


©2012 Susan Stamper Brown

The belief that no one owes me anything is one of the greatest gifts my hardworking, blue-collar father gave me when I was young.  His words carried me through some difficult times growing up, sustained me through widowhood, years back, and helped to shape me into the person I am today.

Once upon a time in America, and not so long ago, my dad’s can-do attitude toward life was common place,  until liberals and their faithful following began to understand that immense and everlasting power could be bartered by peddling handouts in exchange for votes.

If liberal politicians know anything, it’s human nature. If you give people things they did not earn from sources from which they did not contribute, those same people will soon become dependent on whatever you give them. Add to that a bit of Machiavellian trickery to redefine those handouts into rights, and voila! You have just created a permanent voting base.

In truth, liberals simply rebranded the definition of what our founders meant when they scribed the words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Spinning and twisting  the interpretation by suggesting “unalienable rights” are tangibles like health insurance, college educations, and food stamps rather than the intangibles our founders envisioned as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,”  liberals transformed the Declaration of Independence into a Declaration of Dependence. Before long, people bought into their lies, believing they had rights to certain “entitlements” simply because they breathed.

Sadly, these lies metastasized within today’s Democratic Party; chock full of liberals so extreme, Blue Dogs have all but disappeared.  Now the entire Democratic Party platform revolves around the dangerous and devilishly un-American idea that individuals cannot achieve success without government intervention. They are dead wrong.

That the Democratic National Convention (DNC) would ask Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to speak at its national convention in September tells us all we need to know about the DNC’s vision for America. Warren’s words spoken in 2011, and so echoed in recent days by President Obama, suggesting it is impossible for Americans to attain success devoid of the federal government is an indictment on how far from the American dream they have fallen.

Ms. Warren further suggests that successful job creators are obligated to an “underlying social contract” in order to “pay [it] forward for the next kid who comes along,” thereby ensuring future generations will never have the ability to stand on their own without the government.

The fact that unemployment rose to 8.3 percent last week is an indictment on President Obama, Elizabeth Warren and big government Democrats who believe rights are endowed by government. The ridiculous notion that business owners didn’t build their businesses speaks to their ineptitude and explains why unemployment numbers continue to move in the wrong direction. Obviously, Ivy League school attendance and acumen are not always mutually inclusive.

Had our founding fathers believed in entitlements over ingenuity, this “New World” would be just like the old one, which is a case study in what happens when liberals are left to themselves.

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5 Responses to The Democratic Party’s Declaration of Dependence

  • Your hardworking blue collar dad taught you that nobody owes you anything? My hardworking blue collar dad (a Teamster trucker and beef cattle farmer), taught me that if I didn’t stand up for myself I would be run over by people who don’t believe in a “fair days days wages for a fair days work.” He and my mother raised seven kids in the 1960’s in an area of the country (Northern Minnesota) steeped in poverty. Many of our relatives and neighbors lived in tarpaper shacks with no plumbing. He made it clear to us that the reason we lived in a good (not fancy) house with indoor facilities, got regular dental care and braces if we needed them, drove a late model car and each got new school clothes every fall was because he belonged to a union. He also taught us that people fought and died for the right to bargain collectively, and was a proud member of NFO in Minnesota, despite ridicule and threats from others. Say what you want about the Teamsters, we would have been poor if my dad wasn’t one.

    • And I was probably poor by today’s standards, but I’m a better person today for it. There is nothing wrong with unions, given participation is optional.

  • “There is nothing wrong with unions, gieven participation is optional.” What do you mean by “participation?” Do you mean not belong to the union or pay dues, or do you mean not participate in the benefits that employee unions bargain for with their employer? You shouldn’t be able to have one without the other, and if a person does not understand why, then that person just doesn’t have much understanding of anything, period.

  • It’s like I was saying, if a person won’t stand up for themself…..then they have to take what they get.

    • Do call it standing up for yourself when, for example, the pilots union goes on strike for higher wages and/or more benefits right before the busy holiday travel season intentionally trying to cripple the airlines with no thought about the problems it causes passengers. I call this extortion and the examples of it are numerous.