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Breivik’s Fear and Prejudice

Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown

 “Everyone is a prisoner of his own experience. No one can eliminate prejudices-just recognize them.” Edward R. Murrow.

The world is filled with good people born into this world of various sizes, shapes, colors and personalities. Like salt is to a freshly peeled garden cucumber, so is human diversity to an otherwise bland society. Continue reading

Budget Debate Straight Talk and the Truth About Medicare

Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown

If indeed the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, President Obama and his cohorts in the Democratic Party must be feeling the heat on their backsides on the eve of the Cut, Cap and Balance (CCB) vote. Continue reading

Perception and Persuasion versus Truth


Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown

Ever heard the phrase, “Perception is reality?” To the honest person, understanding this concept can inspire you to excel. To the dishonest, perception becomes the mask under which lies vulnerability or perhaps a more sinister reality.   Continue reading

The “Drop and Roll” Effect of Obamacare

Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown 

Once upon a time, people’s hands were busy putting food on the table and they were too busy or too proud to consider extending those same hands out to the government for a handout. But that time has long passed, and time is running out before America the Great turns into America the Nanny State.

Continue reading

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag…


I Pledge Allegiance…
          I pledge on my sacred honor….

To the flag…
           Which represents the Judeo-Christian ideas America was founded on.

And to the republic for which it stands…
          I’m not pledging to a political party, but instead to this great country.

One nation under God

     No comma: “One nation, under God” But “One nation under God.” There is a difference.

     Because “United we stand; Divided we fall.”

With liberty and justice for all.
     Everyone is given an equal chance to be successful. While we may not all achieve the same level of success, we each have the same opportunity.