Class Warfare (again)


Us versus them.
Rich versus poor.
Big, bad corporations versus kids.
Food safety versus evil Conservatives that want you to die of food poisoning.
You get it.  We all get it.  We “get” that like playing the race card, those on the left take advantage of the class warfare card – as often as possible.
Oddly, Obama and his associates are not part of the “us” group – the group most of us are in –  but they say they are.  Think about it. How many luxury trips funded by US has Obama and his family taken during this time of economic crisis? Too many.
Obama attacked the Congress for not getting the debt ceiling crisis resolved, but, is HE not the leader?  Should he not be the one to lead?  Yes.  But has instead hidden in the safety of the shadows – once again “leading from behind.”

2 Responses to Class Warfare (again)

  • Hi Ms. Brown,
    Do you really believe that it’s all on the president to solve all the mess this country is in? I don’t believe we have a government that accepts the responsibility that we have placed in them. I agree Pres. Obama hasn’t accomplished many of the programs and promises he campaigned for however how do you accomplish much of anything in this destructive political climate ? We have a Sen. minority leader who openly states his only goal is to make the Pres. a one term president. I agree with many of your opinions but I’ve found myself believing no president can accomplish anything unless he’s in lockstep with the tea party. On your opinions on Afghanistan, we don’t fight wars to win anymore we haven’t since WW2, I learned this the hard way after my tours in Vietnam and 20+ years in the military, so why then do we sacrifice our men and women in these wars decided by leaders who’ve never even have an inkling of what our country loses when we go to war without a clear and decisive plan. Think of how much we have expended in these 2 wars and it’s only the families who even begin to sacrifice, most Americans aren’t even affected unless they have a GI in the family.
    John W. Graf

    • Thank you for the sacrifice you made in service to our country, Mr. Graf!

      I agree with you, it seems we are so divided as a nation, it us impossible for Congress to do anything.