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Obama Israel Foreign Policy is ‘Codifying Insanity’

“You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you.” – C.S. Lewis

Perspective is the ability to perceive something in its proper context. The Bible’s King David had perspective when, as a teen, he was found standing eyeballs-to-bellybutton with the gargantuan man-killer Goliath. Having only a sling and a few stones in-hand and his faith in God in his heart, David assessed the situation, his surroundings, and decided to go for it. From David’s view, aloft the mighty power of God, he was actually looking down on Goliath, who didn’t stand a chance. David had the right perspective. Continue reading

The Sky Did Not Fall Today, Mr. Geithner

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been warning us for quite some time that the sky is falling – unless – we raise the debt ceiling. 

From Reuter’s

“You can only cry wolf so many times,” a former economic official in the Bill Clinton White House told Reuters. “If you are jumping from May to July to August, you can see people thinking that maybe you can jump from August to October.

“If people believe you can stretch this to October — and the truth is, we really can’t — we’re in big trouble.”

Geithner first began warning in January of “catastrophic” consequences if the debt limit is not raised by Congress, saying then that the borrowing cap could be hit as early as March 31.

That prediction soon changed to April 5, but it was not until Monday — May 16 — that the ceiling was officially reached as the latest government bond sales were settled.

In early April, Geithner also said the drop-dead date for a debt limit rise, when the U.S. would begin to default on its obligations, was July 8. This month he changed that to August 2.

The Treasury says it can use “extraordinary measures” such as dipping into government pension funds to fend off default until August.”

Maybe Extraordinary measures should include cutting spending?

The sky was supposed to fall yesterday.  I just looked outside, Mr. Geithner – it looks like the sky is exactly where it should be. 

 Might it be time to do something about that spending fix? 

Common’s “Poetry” Should Be Uncommon

© Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown.

The first motion picture to be shown in the White House was D.W. Griffith’s “A Birth of a Nation.” Progressive Democrat (yes, I wrote Democrat) president Woodrow Wilson showed the highly controversial silent film that was later used as a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) recruiting tool portraying KKK Klansmen as superheroes rescuing white women from uneducated sexually aggressive African-American men. This Democrat president used the valuable tool of entertainment to communicate an extraordinarily bad message. YouTube Continue reading

Obama Campaign is Swimming in Questionable Donor Funds

 © Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown.

President Obama had a busy week. After helping to eliminate the world’s number one terrorist, Obama switched gears to focus on raising a record $1 billion in campaign contributions.  Rather than capitalizing on bin Laden’s demise by using an event to rally allies in a focused campaign to finish the job to root out bin Laden’s more notorious associates – Obama is rallying supporters to donate their capital so he can build up his campaign war chest. First things first. Continue reading