When will enough be enough?


US Debt Clock

The debate over raising the debt ceiling has begun. 

 America’s national debt now exceeds $14 trillion and President Obama all but ignored his own bi-partisan fiscal commission that gave the recommendation to make approximately $4 trillion in spending cuts and address entitlement programs.

Republicans presented Paul Ryan’s 2012 GOP budget last week that includes over $6 trillion in spending cuts and Progressive Democrats responded by spinning the truth and scaring the elderly.

Tomorrow, Obama will respond to the GOP’s aggressive plan – when he presents his “vision” for debt reduction during a speech at George Washington University.

It is obvious, Obama is doing what he does best:  He is attempting to fool Americans into believing he has moved to the center. 

 He has not.

 He is doing everything possible to be re-elected in 2012 so he can move America so far left we will no longer be able to identify her.   If we care about America’s children, we will tell Obama and Progressive Democrats:


2 Responses to When will enough be enough?

  • It is depressing, but considering in 2010 the libs controlled the House, Senate, and Administration it could have been so much worse. Fortunately Republicans have turned the depate from spending to cutting.


    • I agree with you, USMC. It could have been worse. I admire so many of the Freshmen Congressmen/women who are sticking to their promises and their values. A friend of mine, Rep. Scott Rigell, did a great job last evening on the Sean Hannity Show. It is encouraging to see genuinely good people in DC for the right reasons.