Rep Allen West (R-FL) to Muslim: “Don’t Try to Blow Sunshine Up My Butt”


How easy it is to go about our daily lives forgetting to remember those in our military who sacrifice their own freedoms – so we can enjoy ours. 

And, how easy it is to  ignore what is taking place within our own borders as we shop, cook, clean, sleep, worship, run, play…..

Do you remember 9/11/01?  

Or the  Fort Hood Massacre? 

Representative Allen West (R-FL) remembers.

  West understands that some extremists living within our own borders would like to do the same to your child.  To your grandmother.  To you.

Retired Lt. Colonel West was recently confronted by a Muslim questioner at a town hall meeting.

It would do your heart good to listen to his response.  And then,  go about your day…

Rep. West on YouTube