Environmental Justice: Coming to a Law Near You


Copyright 2011 Susan Stamper Brown 

The United Nations’ (UN) current plan to discuss a treaty proposal granting more rights to “mother earth”  than humans is nothing more than an elaborate attempt to re-market the climate change program in a neatly wrapped package called “environmental justice.”

The UN proposal, drafted by Bolivian socialist president Evo Morales (the same guy who claims that eating chicken causes male baldness and homosexuality), is similar to a new Bolivian law which elevates trees, animals, insects and “living things” to the same level as humans.  Raised to this new level, mother earth and her “living things” would be assigned an authorized representative to hear complaints brought on their behalf and would have the right to seek financial compensation for damages. 

All bug-stomping humans beware: Morales’ proposal does not stop at financial compensation but goes a step further to execute judgment upon the guilty by organizing a “tribunal for climate justice.”

During an interview at the 2009 Climate Change Summit, Morales said his plan to save the planet included ending luxury and consumerism, while destroying capitalism and forcing rich nations to settle their “climate debt” to the poor.  Morales said capitalism is “the worst enemy of humanity.

It may be just me, but does it seem that the human race has gone stark raving mad that some would think it is reasonable to ascribe human emotions to grass and bugs?  It is tempting to dismiss this plan as yet another logic-defying incident similar to the UN naming Iran to a women’s rights panel last month.  One can only hope that someone will also provide delegates with a clean sandbox to play in during recess. 

All joking aside, attention should be taken that environmental justice is also in the process within the Obama Administration’s ever-growing green government.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson spoke last week at the Power Shift 2011 conference assuring  listeners that the EPA has “restored science to its rightful place as the backbone of everything the Environmental Protection Administration does, and that includes the science of climate change. We are using that science to take action on climate change.”  

Layman terms:  Cap-and-Trade legislation based on junk science failed, so the Obama Administration used the EPA to go through the back door. No wonder some prefer the EPA to be defunded.

Highlighting her list of accomplishments, Jackson revealed her crème de la crème was expanding “the conversation on environmental justice” – that “unfinished business” – in “low and minority neighborhoods.” Jackson reassured the activists that Obama needed them to stay focused on promoting their beliefs that “there is no difference and choice to be made between a healthy economy and a clean and healthy environment.”

Van Jones, the past Obama White House “Green Czar” who resigned in 2009 after his “green socialism/environmental justice” leanings surfaced, also spoke.  During the conference, Jones placed an Atlas-sized burden on the shoulders of these easily influenced kids when he told them that “the entire planet, the children of all species are banking on you.” Jones assured listeners that although he loves “rich people,” he intends to cash in on their money to fund the green movement cause.

In a January 30, 2005 Miami Herald Editorial, former Greenpeace co-founder and president, Dr. Patrick Moore  said he left his own organization because “much of the environmental movement, made a sharp turn to the political left and began adopting extreme agendas that abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.”  It’s only gotten worse. The once wholesome goal to protect the planet was hijacked and turned into a pseudo religion – by some who care more about transferring America’s wealth than they do the environment.

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3 Responses to Environmental Justice: Coming to a Law Near You

  • The United Nations in Orbit

    Ambassadors from round the globe
    Will don a diplomatic robe,
    And to the great Assembly Hall
    Today will make a service call
    To raise their voices in debate
    On Mother Earth’s eternal fate.

    The plan calls for the world to sign
    A treaty that will make divine
    Our Pachamama (Mother Earth –
    For those who suffer from a dearth
    Of education on the gods
    Of Andes and enviro-squads).

    The plan, as point of trivia,
    Was hatched down in Bolivia,
    Which hopes the world will soon be chained
    To living standards they’ve attained
    By granting equal rights in law
    To She who orbits sun god Ra.

    When once these rights are well enshrined
    All Western countries will be fined
    At twice their yearly GDP
    If they should harvest from the sea,
    Or drill for oil, build a dam
    Or have been known as Uncle Sam.

    And when the world economy
    Is left in tatters and debris,
    Our friends who hearken from La Paz
    Will cheer the triumph of their cause;
    And having made the whole world poor,
    They’ll star in films by Michael Moore.

  • Fantastic poem, Bard. Good to see humor in a political publication. Maybe we can work through our anger and come together as Americans.