Gratitude Begins Where My Sense of Entitlement Ends


by Susan Stamper Brown

An apropos saying, “Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends” was recently tweeted across the cyber world of Twitter, but apparently the message did not connect with entitlement-loving Democratic Party Progressives currently unhinged over the recent proposal to extend Bush tax cuts. In a rare moment of self-mutilation, the Democrats have begun to eat their own in their condemning of Obama’s Tax compromise rather than indulging in their usual and most boring anything-Palin diet – and to that I respond with a hearty, “Bon Appetite.”   Their temper tantrum exposes that Progressives don’t want what’s best for America and, hell or high water, they will do anything to get what they want – which involves creating a fiscally unsustainable nanny state that will catapult America into the mayhem presently experienced in Europe.

In his book, The New Road to Serfdom, a Letter of Warning to America, British politician Daniel Hannon makes an appeal to Americans to refuse to take another step down the Progressive road toward a supranational or European Union style social democracy that led to the protests, strikes and riots over reduced benefits, increased retirement age and higher college tuition rates. Further argument for the “benefits” of a European style social democracy seemed to dissolve the day the world witnessed spoiled UK students attacking the British Royal family’s car.  This pandemonium highlighted the fact that government dependence always ends bad.

A telling Associated Press article Gloom and anger spreads as European economies teeter, underscores the toxicity just below the surface of a people accustomed to government handouts.  Speaking to the recent pension cuts, a Lisbon train commuter said, “People have to fight for their rights” and a British college student angered by increased tuition said, “only those who can pay” will receive higher education.

Both statements are rooted in the dangerous premise that government should be in the business of handing out handouts – and very much like America’s Progressive Democrats, they do not understand that entitlements are like a cancer that feeds off healthy body cells until there are no healthy cells left to consume.  Entitlement funding only lasts until the money runs out.

Considering that in 2009, 47 percent of Americans did not pay federal income tax, (Report) and entitlement spending and unemployment have been on the rise since 2008, it is illogical to think that having these two freight trains on the same track towards each other would end in anything less than a disaster which we all would have to clean up.

The Heritage Foundation calculates that entitlements will consume all U.S. tax revenues by 2052 – at a current cost of over $200,000 per person-(Heritage Report) leaving America’s children a legacy of debt unless we reject the Progressives’ incessant misinterpretation of the definition of rights as entitlements deemed within our Constitution.

Susan Stamper Brown is an opinion page columnist, motivational speaker and military advocate who writes about politics, the military, the economy and culture.

©2010 Susan Stamper Brown

2 Responses to Gratitude Begins Where My Sense of Entitlement Ends

  • Hi Susan,

    When I first read your comments I thought it was satire but now I realize that you are serious in your belief that “progressive” ideas are harmful to the country. I gather that you believe that the concentration of wealth we have in our country is a good thing and that furthering the concentration, with lower taxes of all kinds on the super wealthy, is also a good thing. I know you know the statistics that the top 20% of Americans (I am one, I think) own 85% of the wealth and the lower 40% own no wealth at all. Don’t you find it troubling that the only countries with worse statistics are all 3rd world countries and dictatorships? Republican policies all (and many Democratic ones, too, unfortunately) appear to be formulated to increase this inequality. When will you and your fellow Republicans be happy? When the top 20% have 95% of the wealth or how about 99% or even 100%. I have two friends, one from Nigeria and noe from India, both doctors, who believe that the distribution in their countries are 99:1:0. Will you be happy when this happens in the United States? Our country has been the most productive and the citizens most happy (even the rich) in the post WWII to the Reagan years when the income distribution was much more equal. With Reagan started the concentration of wealth upwards. I have nothing against rich people. But I think that human morality, and Biblical morality, condems the accumulation of wealth at the expense of others. The Republican mantra of private is better leads to the impoverishing of our public schools and the evils of crony capitalism where today’s lobbiest is next administrations administrators and vice versa. Can you name one podition you hold that does not benefit the top20% and harms the bottom 40%. I didn’t think so. I know who pays your salary and your bills. I believe that you are only a paid lobbiest for the super wealthy. Please rethink you positions. More oil consumption, more carbon emissions, declining public schools, decreased regulation of water, air and the land, encouraging of the off-shoring of jobs, decreasing the regulation of banks and investment houses are not the answer to the question: how do we benefit the poor and middle class the most.

  • So Michael feel free to contribute whatever you think is reasonable. I also feel a progressive /regressive agenda was/is very harmful.