Susan Stamper Brown

Today’s Soft-On-Crime, Anti-Cop Democrats


“…when the wicked rule, the people groan.” – Proverbs 29:2

Forget diamonds. A Glock is this girl’s best friend.

Strapping one on my thigh over camos is a pretty sexy fashion statement if you ask me. Functional too, especially now that crime’s on the rise in the U.S. thanks to the anti-cop, soft-on-crime Progressive left. Crime’s moving in the wrong direction. The world is on fire and America’s enemies are taking advantage of our President’s impotent leadership. Domestically, it’s as if Gotham’s been reborn.

So I carry a Glock and target shoot rather than shop at in my spare time.

How ironic that Pope Francis scolded Congress for gun sales, yet was surrounded by a veritable army of gun-wielding security forces while here in the United States. His protection was reinforced with metal detectors and high fences surrounded by layer upon layer of Vatican security guards, Secret Service and federal agents, counterterrorism units and local police.

As nice of a person the Pope appears, this is how the far-left rolls. “Do as I say, not as I do” is their motto.

That this degree of firearm protection is necessary to protect the Pontiff shows us what happens in America when the anti-cop, anti-gun, wrist-slapping, soft-on-crime left is in control. Fact is, over the last year, ten large U.S. cities have experienced a sobering rise in murder rates.

To no surprise, all but one are run by Democrat mayors.

Milwaukee saw a 76-percent increase in murder rates. St. Louis followed with 60-percent, Baltimore, 56 percent, Washington, 44 percent, New Orleans, 22 percent, Chicago, 20 percent, Kansas City, 20 percent, Dallas, 17 percent, New York, 9 percent, and Philadelphia 4 percent. Chicago’s had at least 2,300 shootings this year with more than 50 on the September 26 weekend and at least 45 the weekend prior.

That’s a big deal. A Joe Biden kind of big deal.

If I were the mayor of one of those crime-ridden cities I’d pull a John Boehner and resign. But Democrats (and most of the GOP establishment) care much less about the people they represent as they do about themselves or their deep pocket donors.

Predictably, the relentless blathering we hear from the left about social justice has dangerously fallen on the wrong ears. It’s become like poison to the souls of some very angry people. Obviously, the Black Lives Matter [BLM] movement interprets this blathering as a license for violence. Protestors are regularly seen disgustingly taunting police chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” after cop killings. In July, the group’s founder, Patrisse Cullors, reportedly interrupted a conference yelling, “Burn everything down” with fellow activists.

Rather than standing against it, the Democrat Party dove deeper into the dumpster, affirming the group at a DNC meeting in August. They’re in good company. The White House has entertained them and Democratic Party presidential candidate hopefuls followed suit. Martin O’Malley apologized to BLM for his sensible statement that all lives matter. In early August, Bernie Sanders, the candidate I envision as what happens when Sesame Street’s Bert is crossed with Ernie (Bernie), was driven offstage by BLM activists in Seattle. Thereafter, he’s pandered to them, loading his social media with BLM topics.

And then there’s Hillary Clinton… Mysteriously, she’s found a way to keep BLM from interrupting her events. Maybe someone should check her emails.

According to the New York Times, at least 35 of the nation’s cities have experienced increases in murders and violent crimes. Though no one knows exactly why, it sure seems the reason for the uptick in violence is what the NYT calls “intense national scrutiny” err, the Obama administration’s unwelcomed insertion into local issues like Ferguson, Missouri. That, coupled with all the anti-cop, anti-gun rhetoric floating around out there has led to less policing. And less policing emboldens criminals.

And that, my friends, is why this girl’s glad she owns a Glock.

Obama’s Progressive Overreach on Clock Kid


What’s a teacher to do if he sees a wired briefcase that looks like a homemade bomb in the classroom?

Obviously not apply the Obama administration’s “If you see something, say something” rule. Nor should they follow the school’s zero tolerance policy to keep students safe, like school administrators in Irving, Texas did after 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought to class what he said was a homemade clock.

What happened after may or may not have been overreach by school officials, but considering what’s happening in the world today, who’s to judge? Rather than saying “Good Job” to MacArthur High School administrators for looking out for the kids, they’re being demonized. What too many call “Islamophobia” is really nothing more than what happens when liberals try to insert their ideology into every facet of our lives.

Back in 1994, former President Bill Clinton signed the Gun-Free Schools Act, requiring school districts in all 50 states to adopt policies of “Zero Tolerance” regarding firearms and weapons or risk loss of federal funding, resulting in good kids being punished for the dumbest reasons.

Last year, a little Ohio boy was suspended for what the school principal called a “level 2 look alike firearm.” In reality, all he did is what little boys do: He made his fingers look like a gun and pointed it. Ohio Department of Education statistics for the school year prior reflect 419 students statewide were suspended and 38 expelled for “firearm look-a-likes.”

A 7-year-old Maryland boy was suspended in 2013 for playing with his food in the school cafeteria. Unfortunately the “mountain” he tried to form from a pastry looked more like a gun to school officials. The boy told a local TV station, Fox45, his creation “was already a rectangle and I just kept on biting it and biting it and tore off the top — and it kinda [sic] looked like a gun — but is wasn’t.”

Earlier this year, another Texas boy was suspended because he said he could make a classmate “invisible” like Bilbo Baggins did in “The Lord of the Rings” movie he’d just watched at home with his family.

What? Whatever happened to common sense? Since Bill Clinton’s nonsensical zero tolerance school act, there’s been example after example of kids getting punished simply for being kids. And until now, to my knowledge, none of them received personal invitations to bring their finger guns, pastry creations and Hobbit rings to the White House.

Why did Obama ask Ahmed?

Why’d he choose a teen whose homemade “clock” in a briefcase would have caused the Secret Service to call the bomb squad had Ahmed taken a field trip and inadvertently left his briefcase on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Lawlessness and the Faith of Kim Davis


Rowan County, Ky. elected official Kim Davis was jailed unjustly. Unjustly, because we live in a society which promotes right as wrong, and wrong as right, and laws are applied to some and not others.

I guess we should ignore that top-down, this country is filled with leftist ideologues who violate laws, yet are not thrown in jail like Ms. Davis.

President Obama blatantly violates immigration laws already on the books. Elected officials across the country do the same in their creation of sanctuary cities, offering lawbreakers safe harbor, not jail time. Officials were not jailed for purportedly allowing Baltimore thugs time and space to destroy personal property. And then there’s Hillary Clinton…

In sharp contrast, Ms. Davis made a simple request to have her name removed from marriage licenses for conscious-sake. She asked for religious accommodations and got jail time. Would the outcome be different were she a Muslim? Or an atheist in the Air Force? Or Caitlyn Jenner? It matters not how messy Ms. Davis’ pre-conversion past is or to which political party she belongs. It’s about principle and the rule of law.

When Davis was elected, both Kentucky’s Constitution and statutes concurred with U.S. law that, “Only a marriage between one man and woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage.” Then five far-left ideologues posing as Supreme Court Justices danced around the Constitution, arrogantly declaring their opinion, a ruling on a law. They opined they know better than nature and nature’s God in matters of marriage. And the next thing you know Kim Davis was in the slammer.

I suppose then, we should overlook that it is unconstitutional for judges to make laws. Although we see overuse and abuse today, the Supreme Court was never meant to overpower state laws according to a small but significant document called the U.S. Constitution. So which law, exactly, authorizes Ms. Davis to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples? Might the same un-law someday authorize her to issue marriage licenses between stuffed animals and humans? Or robots?

How far down this greasy slope must we slide before people finally understand that this lawlessness leads to the kind of tyranny Christians are fleeing from in the Mideast? Without a doubt, the heat’s been turned up for Christians.

That Kim Davis is the first woman in American history to be jailed for her Christian faith is not a bad thing. History proves Christianity flourishes best when fires rage the worst. And when it does, God shows up like he did in the book of Daniel. Three faithful young men were thrown into a blazing furnace for civil disobedience in a fire so hot it killed the soldiers escorting them. With zero assurance they’d survive the flames, they stood resolute, refusing to submit. God showed up. As a result, the faith of this faithful trio spread like fireweed across a spiritually-parched land.

Up here in Alaska, post-fire landscapes can be pretty depressing if people forget to remember that beneath the ashes new life lies dormant in soon-to-erupt seeds of brilliant hope bringing healing to a parched land. Fireweed always shows up. In fact, down in the lower 48, just a month after Mt. St. Helens erupted, fireweed poked through two feet of pumice, pebbles and ash that incinerated forests, toppling half-century-old trees. Amidst the rubble regeneration begins.

There’s a lot of counterfeits out there, but authentic Christianity is a lot like fireweed. This extravagantly beautiful plant can hardly be destructed because each plant bears around 80,000 seeds which are quickly and easily spread by the wind. And where those seeds land and implant, new life begins — even in the most dark and desolate of places.

Meaning, there’s hope for America, especially now the heat’s turned up.

Obama’s Alaska Global Warming Field Trip


“Study the past if you would divine the future.” – Confucius

President Obama told some whoppers the size of Mt. McKinley (I mean Denali) about global warming while he was here in Alaska.

At a climate change conference in Anchorage, Obama attempted to scare the long-johns off Alaskans he obviously thinks are stupid when he predicted coming “submerged countries, abandoned cities… entire industries of people who can’t practice their livelihoods, desperate refugees seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own, and political disruptions that could trigger multiple conflicts around the globe.”

Honestly, it sounded like he was describing the effects of his policies thus far, but I won’t go there.

But then, the strangest thing happened. It was as if the planet’s Creator laughed at all that nonsensical hot air rising. Temperatures dropped and it snowed. A lovely summer snow, dusting the mountaintops, reminding those with common sense who’s really in control. Not us. If I were him, I would’ve taken the hint, loaded up my eight ton gas-guzzling armored “Beast” and headed back to the Oval Office to deal with more important things like the Chinese Warships spotted off Alaska’s coast while he was sightseeing.

I guess we should ignore that back in May, NASA said global warming isn’t causing polar ice retreat. In fact, NASA’s satellites revealed the planet’s “polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979,” says That is, if you want to believe NASA.

I suppose we should also overlook Obama’s war on the Trans-Alaska pipeline. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see Obama’s killing the Alaska oil pipeline by slow bleed, currently pumping 500,000 barrels per day — versus 2.2 million, years back. Might he care more about ANWR’s caribou than he does about Alaskans considering most of Alaska’s state revenue comes from the oil industry?

I can’t help but wonder if Obama would’ve even visited if he really believed his own hysterical hype. The millions of dollars spent and carbon footprint wasted just so he could check a box on his bucket list to climb a glacier. If he believed his hype, why’d he order better Coastguard ice-cutters?

Surely he knew that the Exit Glacier, his apparent poster child for global warming, has been in a state of retreat since just after the Little Ice Age. Fact is, the glacier did the majority of its retreating in the 1800’s to early 1900s, long before manmade greenhouse gas was a thing. Especially in a sparsely populated and largely undeveloped place like Alaska. Overall, since the Little Ice Age, the Exit Glacier’s retreated more than 1.25 miles, possibly trekking on a journey to return Alaska to what it once was.

Shhh, don’t tell the alarmists, but Alaska was once a tropical paradise. In 2004 an Arctic expedition team, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, used ice breakers and a drilling rig to core out and remove the first-ever Arctic sediment and samples from the ocean bottom. They discovered that millions of years ago the Arctic Ocean was ice free with a year-round average temperature of 74 degrees — meaning something other than oil drilling, fracking, wood burning, coal mining, or other man-caused greenhouse gas activities heated the Arctic.

Speaking of gas, one of the scientists affiliated with this research, Netherlands palaeoecologist Appy Sluijs said, “Basically it looks like the Earth released a gigantic fart of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – and globally the Earth warmed by about 9 degrees Fahrenheit.”

While up here, Obama also predicted the Earth will warm up to 12 degrees by century’s end and said deniers “are on their own shrinking island.” Wow. That’s three degrees higher than what happened last time. If he’s right, the earth better get busy doing what it does to work up all that gas. In the meantime, this denier who trusts the Creator will get busy up here in Alaska with some online bikini and sandals shopping.

The Bible and Immigration


People are tempted to blur moral lines when it comes to feel-good things like immigration. Last year, President Obama wanted us to support his views so desperately he pulled the Christianity card out of his back pocket, attempting to tie a moral equivalent to his immigration policies and the Mary and Joseph story. Obama’s version included a made-up scripture: “The good book says don’t throw stones in glass houses” and a couple other choice misquotes.

It would be swell to allow every Tom, Dick or Harry into the U.S., or any Mohamud, Osman, and Abil — in the case of the recent brutal murder of a Portland, Maine man named Freddy Akoa, who was allegedly beaten to death by three Muslim immigrants. While the Portland police did not divulge a motive, as of this writing, the Portland Press Herald reports a bloodstained Bible was found next to the victims’ head.

Meanwhile in other news, in mid-August an Uzbek refugee was convicted of three terrorism-related charges in Idaho for supporting a terrorist organization and gathering explosives to carry out an attack in the U.S. from his Boise apartment. In May, television station WUSA-9 reported a West African refugee was sentenced to ten years in prison for attempted rape of a woman — just nine days after his feet touched American soil.

Currently, President Obama’s nonsensical United Nations Refugee Resettlement Program grants permanent legal residency to almost 70,000 immigrants each year. You’d think after injecting Christianity into the immigration issue Obama’s program would grant refuge to persecuted minorities running for their lives, like the 27 Chaldean Christians who’ve been locked up in an ICE detention center in California for six months now. But, oh no.

The administration seems a wee bit biased these days. reports at least 90 percent of immigrant refuges thus far are Muslim. Muslims from jihad nations. With no vetting. Expecting a positive outcome from dropping massive amounts of mostly Muslim, non-English speaking, non-vetted refugees into any town the administration pleases is a fool’s errand at best and a national security threat of epic proportion.

President Obama’s ignoring his biggest priority – protecting us. Before you go all “Jesus-y” on me to shame me for my views, I wonder how many of you lock your doors at night to protect your family from intruders and look through the peephole before you open the door. It’s no different. The Bible says the “strangers and aliens” we are to care for should be legal, obeying the laws of the land. And they should graciously assimilate into the communities which welcome them.

We’ve had almost 50 cases where Muslim immigrants exited the U.S. to join terrorist groups like ISIS in Syria and al-Shabab in Somalia. Back in February, an FBI counter-terrorism top official, Michael Steinback, testified before a House Homeland Security committee admitting the U.S. is unable to vet Syrian refugees for terrorism connections.

The Obama administration approved 5,000 to 8,000 more Syrian refugees to immigrate here in 2016 despite the fact that back in June, Norwegian officials discovered several of the refuges seeking asylum in Norway under the same UN program were linked to terrorist groups. Fact is, ISIS promised to smuggle fighters into Europe and elsewhere disguised as refugees. During that Homeland Security hearing, Steinback said he’s “concerned” that bringing Syrian refugees poses a clear and present danger to Americans admitting, “We don’t have it under control.”

So what might Jesus do, you ask? I don’t know. I can tell you what I’d do. I’d probably kick around a few tables for twisting scriptures out of context and maybe call a few government officials “vipers” for betraying their oath to protect Americans. Or maybe I’d offer a trade like President Obama did for Bowe Bergdahl. Five anti-American progressives for one vetted immigrant.

Or, maybe I’d vote for Donald Trump… if he’d prove he’s a conservative. But that might be a stretch.

EPA: The Cure’s Usually Worse Than the ‘Disease’


Like the road to Hell, liberal ideas are usually paved with good intentions. But, as Ronald Reagan once said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” And all that vast un-knowledge births monster government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, which end up doing more harm than good.

Today, with more than 15,000 fulltime employees-strong and led by environmental extremists, Obama’s EPA is an agency gone-wild. A report just out by the Institute for Energy Research [IER] concludes the EPA’s finalized “Clean Power Plan” is filled with about as much junk as the EPA and contractors just pumped into Colorado’s Animas River.

The Clean Power Plan effectually triggers the skyrocketing electricity prices Mr. Obama duly promised years back. Nevertheless, the EPA says the plan will save thousands of lives, improving the climate and our health. That is, barring additional EPA-caused environmental disasters.

I presume then, we should trust the EPA, naively ignoring the effect high energy prices would have on low income families. Even EPA Chief Gina McCarthy admits, “Low income minority communities would be hardest hit.” Should we also ignore that former Obama administration Assistant Secretary of Energy, Charles McConnell says the costly and burdensome Clean Power Plan will, at best, only reduce global temperatures by a negligible one-hundredth of a degree, Celsius?

The IER report says the plan could trigger “14,000 more premature deaths than it prevents by 2030” because higher electricity costs reduces the ability to afford basic needs, effectively “making the poor poorer and the sick sicker.” Presumably also making the big government bigger and fat environmental activists like Al Gore, fatter. His wallet, I mean, of course.

Apparently, it’s also tough luck for millions of Americans burning wood to stay warm. The same plan proposes an across-the-board ban — no matter where you live or what you can afford — on the sale and production of 80 percent of America’s wood-burning stoves. says, “Most wood stoves that warm cabins and homes from coast-to-coast can’t meet that standard. Older stoves that don’t, cannot be traded in for updated types, but instead must be rendered inoperable, destroyed, or recycled as scrap metal.”

Or maybe the EPA will just throw scrapped stoves down the Animas River.

In the aftermath of the recent toxic spill, and with likely infinitesimal accountability for its actions, the EPA marches forward in an unrelenting mission to empower itself and control our lives, regulation by unlegislated regulation.

As I write, a Wyoming man faces the threat of a $75,000-a-day fine for building a stock pond on his property the EPA says includes “a dam on a waterway.” The pond purportedly violates the Clean Water Act because it lacked an Army Corps of Engineers permit and alleged “material” from his pond flows into other waterways. It matters not that the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office permitted the pond. Likely, the “material” from his pristine pond, fit for fish and waterfowl to flourish and cattle to drink, did not turn waterways a toxic Animas River orange.

As usual, conservatives showed up to help the little guy fight big government. The Casper Star Tribune reports that GOP senators wrote to the EPA saying the agency’s actions are a “draconian edict of a heavy handed bureaucracy” more interested in “bankrupting” the landowner. You think?

We know by watching all those lousy pharmaceutical ads that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. It’s the same with the EPA. Back in the 1970s, it banned mosquito-killing DDT after an overreaction to an unsubstantiated book. Scientists today credit tens of millions of needless malaria-related deaths to the ban. And it continues. Seemingly, for every benefit derived from EPA meddling, there’s a list of damaging side effects as long as the Animas.

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